CA+32 State Ladies Only CCW and NRA Basic Pistol Course. Red Bluff, Ca! Learn from Jen O’Hara (Girls With Guns) and Ted Lidie from NFI! 12-8/9-18. $200.00 All Weekend Registration.

December 8, 2018 – December 9, 2018

Red Bank Outfitters

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Welcome to an incredible weekend class  filled with handgun safety, responsibility and fun! This is a two day event with the option to take just one day.

Students who complete this course will receive (Saturday) an NRA Basic Pistol Certificate of Training and (Sunday) a California CCW Training Certificate for Tehama and all surrounding counties!

This incredible training event will take place at Red Bank Outfitters in Red Bluff, Ca. Address: 18875 Red Bank Rd, Red Bluff, Ca 96080. Class will take place from 9-5PM Saturday and Sunday.  Jen O’hara and Ted Lidie will share the teaching duties along with Professional Staff of Red Bank Outfitters.

DAY 1:  Welcome to the NRA Basic Pistol Course.  This nationally recognized course is the standard from which all other handgun courses are built! The NRA Basic Pistol  Course is taught to over 100,000 students a year across the United States. Students will learn  pistol types, operation, maintenance, ammunition fundamentals, grip, stance, aiming, trigger control,  breathing and follow through. Although using your own firearm is highly recommended, we are happy to provide you with all you need to complete the training! Age minimum: 13 years old.

Day 2: Welcome to you California CCW Training. On this day Jen and Ted will guide students through the intricate laws of carrying a firearm on your person in public.  Subjects taught include firearm storage, transfer, transportation, prohibited areas, use of lethal force and actions after a shooting.  Students will also perform live fire exercises learning the basics of defensive accuracy, retention and manipulation of the personal protection firearm. Upon completion of the required training, students will be presented with a certificate of training to apply for a California CCW in their County or City they live in. Minimum age: 13 years.

LODGING: Lodging can be arranged in the City of Red Bluff which is about a 15 minute drive.  There are many hotels and restaurants in the area.

Packing list:

Both Days:

Closed-Toed Shoes

Baseball Hat

Collared T-shirt, or other collared shirt, (No tank tops or v-necks) Shorts are fine


100 Cartridges Daily

Eye and ear protection

Lunch (You may have time to run to Red Bluff if needed)

Snacks and Drinks

Sun Screen

Note Taking Material

This event is designed to be a fun weekend event for ladies who are interested in the safe and responsible use of a firearm. We look forward to seeing each of you in class at Red Bank Outfitters.

Cancellation Policy: Due to safety concerns we must have a very accurate count of students in class to staff  the correct number of NRA Range Safety Officers. Students who cancel their class 14 days or more before the class start date will receive a 100% refund of their training fees. Student who cancel within 14 days of the class date  will receive 50%  training fees refund, and students who fail to attend class without notice will forfeit all training fees. Validated proof of contact will be a sent email contact or text to 530-999-1822.

Ted Lidie

Chief Instructor



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