Placer County CCW Instructions

New Placer County CCW Permits

Step 1 – Review the Criteria for Consideration of Issuance for Concealed Weapons Permit within Placer County.

Step 2 – Download and complete the CCW Application provided by California Department of Justice, Bureau of Firearms Download CCW Application . Read all directions carefully. You will be required to complete ALL pages prior to your appointment time, including Section 7. Please bring the completed document with you to your interview, as it may not be submitted online

Download The CA DOJ Application Here

Step 3 – After you have completed the application, schedule a “New Concealed Weapons Permit” appointment via our online application system. Please note when accessing our Online Appointment System , you will be asked for identifying information pertaining to you as the applicant. This information will assist our staff in completing all pre-appointment documentation prior to your appointment. Required fields must be completed to schedule an appointment. You will be assigned a confirmation number, it is important to keep this number in the event that your appointment must be changed. If your contact information changes after the initial appointment, you must notify us.

Link to the Placer County On-Line Appointment System

Step 4 – During your “New Concealed Weapons Permit” appointment, you will be meeting with a member of the Sheriff’s Support Staff for a face to face interview. During this time, your application and statements within will be reviewed. For this appointment, you will be required to furnish numerous documents. Please review the CCW appointment check list prior to your scheduled appointment. Your application for a new CCW permit may be delayed if all documents listed on the checklist are not submitted at the time of appointment. Be prepared to pay a non-refundable fee of $20.00 (cash, check or money order for made payable to “Placer County Sheriff’s Office”).
After the interview your application will be reviewed by the Support Services Command level staff for approval or denial. You will generally receive notification of your Concealed Weapons Permit’s disposition within 60 days after your initial interview.

• If your application for a CCW Permit is denied, you will be notified via the US Mail. You may review the Appeals Process if you want to appeal the board’s decision.
• If your initial application for a CCW permit is approved you will be notified via email with the information pertaining to the next step in the process, live scan.

Step 5 – Once instructed to complete your live scan, follow the instructions in the live scan email and have your live scan completed.

Step 6 – After your initial approval, you should schedule your CCW training class if you have not yet done so. You must complete the training requirements before a permit can be issued.

Schedule Your CCW Training Here

Step 7– Once our office has received the DOJ/FBI clearances and a copy of your training requirements, you will be notified to schedule an appointment to sign and receive your permit.

Residents within the Tahoe Basin may not need to schedule an ONLINE Appointment. To find out more information, contact our Placer County Sheriff’s North Lake Tahoe Substation to arrange at 530-581-6300.