NRA Basic Rifle Course. 10/18/18, Dublin Ca. (Prerequisite for the NRA Basic Rifle Instructor Course.) $229

October 18, 2018 – October 18, 2018

Guns Fishing and Other Stuff

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This page is the registration page for the NRA Basic Rifle Course ONLY. This course is not the NRA Basic Rifle Instructor Course. We are offering this course as prerequisite for the NRA Basic Rifle Instructor Course which we will  teach in the same week. See below for the NRA Pro-Package which includes 6 days of training for $1100. Cost for this day of training only is $229.00

This class is part of a larger week of training which includes three NRA disciplines and instructor courses. Week of training includes NRA Basic Pistol 10/15 $229),  NRA Basic Instructor Training on Tue 10/16 (Included with ANY instructor course). NRA Basic Pistol Pistol Instructor on Wed 10/17 ($325). Prerequisites apply. Students must have successfully completed Basic Pistol-ILT and Basic Instructor Training (BIT), to be eligible for this class. We are offering Basic Pistol-ILT on Mon., 10/15, and students may enroll in this additional day for $229, to fulfill these prerequisite requirements. We are also offering Basic Rifle ($229) on Thu. 10/18, Rifle Instructor ($325) on Fri., 10/19, and Range Safety Officer ($229) on Sat 10/20. These classes can be purchased separately or as part of our popular Pro Package which covers all six days of training;- Mon.-Sat., for only $1,100 (Save $237!). Contact Ted at 530-999-1822 for more information or to complete enrollment.


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