NRA Certified Pistol Instructor Course. Redding Gun Club, Redding, Ca. $299. 6/18/19, Lodging Packages Available.

June 18, 2019 – June 18, 2019

Redding Gun Club

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ATTN: Lodging Packages are reserved for this event. $118 nightly includes nightly lodging and hospitality package. Call the Oxford Suites at 530-221-0100 and ask for the “NRA Training Package”

ATTN: This course has prerequisites. You must be an NRA Basic Pistol  Graduate as well as have taken NRA Basic Instructor Training in the past 24 months.

Welcome to NFI! Our Chief Instructor Ted Lidie has taught thousands of NRA Students and enjoys the reputation as one of the finest NRA Training Counselors in the area. Ted teaches over 2,000 students yearly and this experience is passed on to you in his highly popular NRA  Courses. Ted can always be reached at 530-999-1822, call or text!

What: This page is to register for the NRA Instructor Pistol Course in Redding Ca. The address is: 21777 Seven Lakes Lane, Redding, Ca 96003. Candidates must have completed the NRA Basic Pistol Course and NRA Basic Instructor Training. (NRA Basic Instructor training must have been within the last 24 months) All classes are taught from 9-6 PM.

Who would take this course?  Experienced pistol shooters with a desire to teach others.  Note the course pre-qualification form at the bottom of this page. Shooting and skills tests will be given before the course begins on 6/18/19.

When: All classes are taught from 9-6 PM. Here is a listing of all courses being taught during the week of 6/16/19 in Redding, Ca.

6/16/19: NRA Certified Basic Pistol Course. Oxford Suites,  This is a great course for a new shooter and a mandated requirement to take the NRA Pistol Instructor Course on 6/18/19. ($199 Separately)

6/17/19: NRA Certified Basic Instructor Training. Oxford Suites.  No additional charge for this required course if you are registered for the 6/18/19 Instructor Pistol or 6/20/19 Instructor Rifle. Required!

6/18/19: NRA Certified Pistol Instructor Training. Redding Gun Club ($299 if taken separately)

6/19/19: NRA Certified Rifle Course. Oxford Suites. Requirement to take the NRA Certified Rifle Instructor Course. ($199 if taken separately)

6/20/19: NRA Certified Rifle Instructor Course. Redding Gun Club ($299 if taken separately)

6/21/19: NRA Certified Range Safety Officer Course. Redding Gun Club.  No prerequisites to take this course. ($199 if taken separately)

6/22/19: NRA Certified Chief Range Safety Officer Course. Redding Gun Club.  Must complete NRA Basic Instructor Training, which will be taught at no additional charge on 6/17/19 at no additional charge if registered for an instructor course this week. ($299 if taken separately)

What you must bring to attend this course:

  1. Firearm appropriate for the course. NRA Instructor courses do not allow magnified sights of any type. The shooting pre-qualification is a serious event and many candidates have not even entered the course because they did not pay attention to the shooting pre-requisite. Please keep the refund policy in mind when planning for this event.
  2. 100 cartridges per day of shooting activities.
  3. Eye and ear protection. Electronic preferred.
  4. All lesson plans and other documents that will be emailed to you approx. 14 days from the start of the course. Lesson plans can be downloaded to a tablet or laptop but not on a phone for use in the course. It is preferred that lesson plans be printed and placed in a three ring binder for the course.
  5. Firearms maintenance kit.
  6. Download and print the pre-course qualification sheet. This sheet is the grading sheet used in the skills assessment phase of the course and you must pass the standards on the form to attend the class. The assessment can be given before the class begins and many candidates have not comleted the course based on the outcome of this assessment. We recommend knowing the material and practicing the marksmanship standards well before the course begins. Be mindful of the refund policy as you plan to attend the course and complete the pre-course qualification sheet. Print the sheet by selecting the following link.

Pistol Instructor Prereq’s. 180803

Cancellation Policy. Refunds of 50% paid training fees are gladly given 14 days prior to the start day of the course. You can email or text Ted Lidie at 530-999-1822 to cancel. We are sorry, there are no refunds within 14 days of the start day of the course.

Contact Ted Lidie at any time for more information; 530-999-1822


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