Shasta Area (Burney)CA, 12 Hour, Initial CCW Course. Includes 32 State Non-Resident Training. 12/14-15/19. Meet at the Rex Club on Saturday 12/14/19, 9AM. Covers Lassen, Modoc & Shasta Counties.


NFI's Basic CCW Course is the classroom and range  based course that meets the mandated requirements to apply for a  California and  32 State Concealed Weapon Permit  (CCW).  The classroom portion is discussion based and covers equipment, techniques & tactics, current law, and personal safety.  This class also covers the required training for the Arizona, Florida, and Oregon non-resident CCW permit.  These permits, which are available via the US Postal Service will allow you to carry in approximately 32 other states including Nevada!

The NFI Defensive Shooting Course is the shooting portion of the Basic CCW Course and  (Hat Creek Rifle and Pistol Club) will include the NRA marksmanship elements as well as a comprehensive personal defense shooting regimen including immediate action drills, immediate reloading drills, firearm confidence training, and a qualification standard of 80% accuracy at 5, 7, and 10 yards.

NFI is the leader in ACTUAL personal protection shooting.  Our commitment to training personal protection shooters has earned us a reputation throughout the state as a PREMIER TRAINING COMPANY and not just a CCW vendor.

Looking for a little more?  Look no further; NFI will  provide the confidence  you need to carry YOUR concealed firearm with authority!

This class meets the AB 2103 requirements.

Day One: Saturday

Time: 9AM-5 PM   at the Rex Club Banquet Hall, 37143  Main St, Burney, CA 96013

Equipment needed: Note taking material.

Day Two:  Sunday Morning

Time: 9AM-1 PM, Hat Creek Rifle and Pistol Club (NFI Defensive Shooting Course)

Equipment needed:

You will need an outside the waistband hip holster for your strong side (right or left depending on which  hand you shoot with) for each gun. If you have a "universal holster" that fits all three of your guns, that will be fine. If you do not have a holster, you can use one of ours to train with. Please google the term "Outside the Waistband Hip Holster" if you need some info on this piece of equipment.


100 cartridges for primary firearm +50 cartridges for other firearms.

Eye and ear protection

Folding chair

Hand towel

Snacks and drinks (optional)

Contact Mike Moffat, 530-215-6558

or Ted Lidie, 530-999-1822

Cost: $150

NFI CCW  training is authorized in the following counties: Butte, Colusa, Fresno, City of Fresno, Glenn, Lassen, Madera, Modoc, Sacramento, San Benito, San Joaquin, Shasta, Siskiyou, Solano, Tehama, Tulare, Yuba, Sutter, Nevada, Placer, Calaveras, El Dorado, Yolo, and Trinity. (NFI also is approved to teach to the residents of the City of Red Bluff, who must apply to the Chief of Police, all other areas apply to the County Sheriff)

NFI Cancellation Policy:  All classes incur a 50% non-refundable deposit. Students who cancel before the beginning of the class will receive a 50% refund. Students who do not attend class without contacting NFI will forfeit training fees. Contact is the responsibility of the student. Contact validation is normally done with a phone call, sent email, web contact app, or text to NFI. Please do not leave a message of cancellation on an answering machine.

Price: $150.00

Start Time: 9:00 am
End Time: 5:00 pm

Start Date: December 14, 2019
End Date: December 15, 2019

Northern Firearms Instruction
The Rex Club
37143 Ca-299
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