NRA Pistol Instructor Course. Join the Elite-NRA Instructors! Meet at The Oxford Suites, Redding, CA. 8/7/20 8-6 PM. $299


NOTE: The Oxford Suites is the host hotel for this expreience and has approved the room rate of $99 nightly! Just ask for the "NRA Instructors" Room rate for the length of your stay.

Get ready for a firearms training experience unlike any other! US Army (retired) Command Sergeant Major  Ted Lidie has taught over 20,000 students since he started his career and founded the largest firearms training company in California. He develops all curriculum for NFI and leads an instructor team of over 20 NRA Certified instructors in 43 locations which teach approx. 3000 students each year. All NFI training material and curriculum is written specifically for the students and class being taught. Want to check us out? Great Idea! Read our reviews  by selecting the logo below!

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THIS REGISTRATION PAGE IS FOR THE NRA Pistol Instructor Course and is part of the NRA Pro-Series week long NRA Instructor event. This course is priced for the NRA Instructor Candidate. This course is priced for the NRA Instructor Candidate. If the candidate is planning on attending all courses from  8/3 to 8/9, register on this site for the entire week of courses and save 20%, or $233.00. ($932 for all 6 courses including NRA Basic Instructor Training, NRA Basic Shotgun Shooting Course,  NRA Shotgun Instructor Course, NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting Course, NRA Pistol Instructor Course, and the NRA CCW Course for CA) This course is  designed for Instructor Candidates who have completed NRA Basic Instructor Training (offered at no charge on 8/3/20 for registered instructors), and NRA Basic s of Pistol Shooting Course, offered on 8/6/20). Student prerequisites apply and a skills test will be given during the course including marksmanship.   Class is designed to have students bring their pistols and ammunition to the course and learn to use them as well as instruct others on the safe and responsible use! NRA Course will include professional books and training materials.  .22-45 ammunition is available on site for $25 per 50 cartridges.

Subjects include:

NOTE: All NRA Pistol Instructor Candidates must complete NRA Basic Pistol before they can attend the NRA Pistol  Instructor Course.

Teaching pistol action types and operation

Teaching ammunition fundamentals

Teaching pistol storage

Teaching pistol maintenance

Teaching pistol range training including marksmanship, loading, unloading, and range safety procedures, this session will be taught at a private range in Igo, Ca. Directions will be given during the morning session of the course.

Teaching continued opportunities for skill development


NRA Pistol Instructor:

NOTE: Download and complete/review all documentation attached at the bottom of this page. You can bring the reference documents that you do not have to turn in (including NRA Basic Pistol Presentation) on a laptop or pad. If you can fill it out, (besides your NRA Basic Pistol Test) bring it to class completed. If you have questions call or text, Ted Lidie at the number below. 

Lastly, go to to get an idea of how professional instructors dress for class. Doesn't have to be exact, but you get the idea. 

3"--- three-ring binder for binding your presentation materials. (You only need one of these no matter how many classes you are taking with us this week)

Pistol, 22-45 Caliber

10 of each color target in you NRA Basics of Pistol lesson plan. (red, white, and blue)

Pistol cleaning kit

All documentation provided by your Training Counselor prior to taking the course. Some of this will be printed and completed before class. Electronic versions of these documents for reference can be used. This documentation will be sent to you before class with instructions.

100 Cartridges

Eye and Ear Protection

Snacks and cool drinks--the weather will be warm.

Note-taking material

Laptop computer , pad or phone for reference and saving documents (optional) You will be presenting during this course. Normally we use a laptop and projector for your presentation.

Appropriate instructor range and classroom clothing, including baseball cap and no sandals,  V-neck tops, tank-tops, or other open chested tops.


Waiver and Firearm Documentation

NRAI portal user guide v1 Pistol Instructor Prereq's.

Your NRA Training Counselor

Ted Lidie-NRA # 151178744

530-999-1822 (text if you can)


We are sorry but registration for this event is now closed.

Please contact us if you would like to know if spaces are still available.