NRA Instructor Pro Series Week long Instructor Event! . Shotgun and Pistol Instructor Training and NRA CCW Training for CA!-, Redding, CA. 8/3 to 8/9 2020.


NOTE: The NRA CCW Course included in this event is the prerequisite for the NRA CCW Instructor Course which will be taught on 10-10/11-20 at The Redding Gun Club. The class fees for this week do not include the $399.00 class fees for the course in October 2020. Register for this course using the same navigation.

This NRA  Instructor course is the most comprehensive firearms instruction training in the Country!  Ted Lidie and Northern Firearms Instruction offers this series of courses for those who want to further their career as an NRA Instructor or begin one! This registration page is for the entire week of training at a 20% discount for a total 7 day training and credentialing program for $932.00 Thart is a savings of $233.00 if you took each class separately during the week.

NRA CCW Instructor Training will be taught OCT 10-11 2020. This 16 hour course will be offered for $399.00 to all qualified candidates.

This registration includes all courses for a discounted rate. The Event culminates in professional credentialing as an NRA  Shotgun and Pistol Instructor, as well as completes the NRA CCW Course, (mandated for all aspiring NRA CCW Instructo Candidates).

Schedule for this course: (56 hours total training)

NRA Basic Instructor Training (Required for all Instructor Candidates who have not attended BIT in the past 24 months)

8/3/20 11 AM-5 PM The Oxfords Suites, Redding CA

NRA Basic Shotgun  Training (Mandated for all Shotgun Instructor Candidates)

8/4/20 8-5 PM

NRA Shotgun Instructor Training

8/5/20 8-7 PM

NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting (mandated for all Pistol Instructor Candidates)

8/6/20 8-5 PM

NRA Pistol Instructor Course:

8/7/20 8-6 PM

NRA CCW Course: (mandated for all aspiring CCW Instructor Candidates) This course is good in all Northern California Counties to apply for your CA CCW.

8/8-9/20 PM (9-5 PM Sat, 8-12PM Sunday at the Redding Gun Club)

Prerequisites apply to attend this course. Each of the prerequisites will be taught in the days prior to this course beginning on 8/3/20.Prerequisites are:

  1. NRA Basic Instructor Training 8/3/20-$150 (Included at no charge if you are a registered student for another instructor level course)
  2. NRA Basic Shotgun Course, 8/4/20 $199
  3. NRA Shotgun Instructor Course, 8/5/20 $299
  4. NRA Basic of PIstol Shooting  Course 8/6/20 $199
  5. NRA Pistol Instructor Course 8/7/20 $299
  6. NRA CCW Course 8/8-9/20 $169
  7. Total of all classes $1165.00  register for the entire week and receive a 20% discount: $932.00

Get ready for a firearms training experience unlike any other! US Army (retired) Command Sergeant Major  Ted Lidie has taught over 20,000 students since he started his career and founded the largest firearms training company in California. He develops all curriculum for NFI and leads an instructor team of over 20 NRA Certified instructors in 43 locations which teach approx. 3000 students each year. All NFI training material and curriculum is written specifically for the students and class being taught. Want to check us out? Great Idea! Read our reviews  by selecting the logo below!

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THIS REGISTRATION PAGE IS FOR THE  NRA Pro-Series week long NRA Instructor event. This course is priced for the NRA Instructor Candidate. If the candidate is planning on attending all courses for 8/3 to 8/9, register on this site for the entire week of courses and save 20%.  This course is  designed for Instructor Candidates who have complete NRA Basic Instructor Training (offered at no charge on 8/3/20 for registered instructor candidates) Student prerequisites apply and a skills test will be given during the course including marksmanship.   Class is designed to have students bring their pistols and ammunition to the course and learn to use them! NRA Course will include professional books and training materials.

Subjects include:

NOTE: All NRA  Instructor Candidates must complete NRA prerequisite courses before they can attend the NRA  Instructor Course. Subject taught during this professionally credentialed course include:

Teaching shotgun/pistol action types and operation

Teaching ammunition fundamentals

Teaching shotgun/pistol storage

Teaching shotgun/pistol maintenance

Teaching shotgun/pistol range training including marksmanship, loading, unloading, and range safety procedures

Teaching continued opportunities for skill development



NRA Shotgun and Shotgun Instructor: (All other packing lists apply for the NRA Basic Pistol and Pistol Instructor Courses.) See those courses for separate packing lists. 

3" 3 ring Binder

Shotgun 20-12 Gauge

200 shotshells, 7 1/2 to 9 shot only. No steel

Shotgun Cleaning Kit

Provided completed documentation (Training Counselor will provide before course)

Eye and Ear Protection

Note-taking material
Go to and note how the instructors are dressed on the range. You do not have to be exact, but you get the idea. First impressions matter!

NRA Pistol and Pistol Instructor: 

Same pistol can be used for NRA Basic Pistol and Pistol Instructor Training, I HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU BRING A PISTOL YOU CAN SHOOT 16 OF 20 TIMES INTO A 9" CIRCLE AT 15 YARDS. I would practice this! It is part of your qualification.

200 Cartridges (NRA Basic Pistol and Pistol Instructor)

Pistol Cleaning Kit

Provided completed documentation (Training Counselor will provide before course)

Eye and Ear Protection

Note-taking material

Laptop computer , pad or phone for reference and saving documents (optional)

Appropriate instructor range and classroom clothing, including baseball cap and no sandals,  V-neck tops, tank-tops, or other open chested tops.

Lastly. Go to to see how you are expected to dress as an instructor. Does not have to be exact, but you get the idea.

Attached are a few forms and documents. Please download and complete them. Note the marksmanship qualification and shotgun/pistol handling prerequisites.

NRA CCW For Shasta and All Surrounding Counties: This CCW Course is authorized in most 8-hour CCW counties in California. Please text Ted if you have any questions about it. 

This Course is the NRA accredited CA CCW Course. This course not only meets the requirement for your CA CCW training but also meets the requirement that NRA CCW Instructor Candidates attend the NRA CCW Course prior to attending the NRA CCW Instructor Course.  We will only teach this once this year along with the NRA CCW Course over the weekend of 10-11 October 2020, to conclude the NRA CCW Instructor Credential process. If you are considering the NRA CCW Instructor Process, you must be a current NRA Pistol Instructor as well as attend this (or another) NRA CCW Course, at the Student Level. In addition this is also the required training for over 30 counties in California to apply for your CCW. Most Northern California Counties will be covered, see the list below.

This course is also part of the week-long NRA Instructor Series Courses. Instrested Instructor Candidates can begin training on Monday 8/3/20 and complete training on Sunday 8/9/20 and earn NRA Instructor Credentials in NRA Shotgun and NRA Pistol. You can purchase the netire weel of training for $932. This is a 20% ($233) savings over taking the courses separately. It also includes this course. Navigate to that NRA Instructor Series page which begins on 8/3/20 to register and pay for this excellent training opportunity!

Ammo Packages available during this course. Ammunition used during the course can be provided at $20 a box. Ca State law prohibits students leaving the range with this ammo. All full and unused boxes will be refunded on site, or on the credit card used to pay for the class. Ammo calibers available are 22LR, 22WMR, .380, .38 Spc, .40, 9MM, .45.  Select the Ammo Package price which applies to you when registering for the course and it will be delivered to the student on the range. Please leave the requested caliber and number of boxes (50 cartridges in each) in the notes section. Each Caliber required will be a box of cartridges provided for $20.

ATTENTION Due to AB2103, California State law has changed effective 1/1/19, CCW  will meet these minimum requirements:

CCW Renewal: 4 Hour minimum and live-fire qualification with each firearm listed on a permit.

Initial CCW Training: 8-hour minimum and live-fire qualification with each firearm listed on a permit.


Currently, this class will meet the training requirement for the following counties: Shasta, Butte, Glenn, Lassen, Modoc, Colusa, Tehama,  Trinity, Siskiyou, Placer, Yuba, Solano, and Sutter.  It also meets the required training for the City of Red Bluff. This is a 12-hour CCW Class that is recognized in many counties/cities who require 8-16 hours of training in California. If your county/city is not listed please contact the instructor listed below to check on authorization.


All class will meet at The Oxford Suites,1967 Hilltop Dr, Redding, CA 96002.

Live fire qualifications on Sunday will take place at The Redding Gun Club, 21777 Seven Lakes Lane, Redding, Ca 96003.

Please follow the directions to the Redding Gun Club at the link attached below.

Class Schedule Day Two:, 8AM-12PM, qualification will take place with each firearm listed on CCW permit.  Please bring firearms and 100 cartridges for your primary handgun and 50 cartridges for all others you wish to list on your CCW permit. You will qualify with each gun from 7 yards into a round target about the size of a standard paper plate.


Eye and Ear Protection

Snacks and drinks if desired

Firearms and ammunition:

.22-.45 caliber handgun.

100 Cartridges for your primary handgun and 50 cartridges for each other that you will qualify with.

Completed documents attached below

Folding chair for breaks and classroom sessions

Hand towel

Baseball cap, closed toed shoes. No V-necks or tank tops please.

Sun screen if needed


Please select the following links to (1) print and complete your Shasta County Range Qualification Form*, and (2)  PRINT and note the written directions to the Redding Gun Club.

* In the "Model" column on this form, list either "semi" or revolver"

Please select/print the links below and complete them.

Link to Shasta County Range Qualification Form (Please print, fill out, and bring to class)

Link to Directions to The Redding Gun Club

NRAI portal user guide v1

Pistol Instructor Prereq's. 180803

Directions to The Redding Gun Club

Your NRA Training Counselor

Ted Lidie-NRA # 151178744

530-999-1822 (text if you can)


We are sorry but registration for this event is now closed.

Please contact us if you would like to know if spaces are still available.