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Nichole Lewis
Nichole Lewis
15:20 28 Oct 19
I took the Women's Only CCW class. Ted and all the instructors were hands down amazing. I grew up around guns, have shot many guns, but handguns were very new to me and very intimidating. I took the class with only shooting my handgun once before, and left the class with the confidence and understanding of not only how to properly and safely use my firearm, but any firearm I come in contact with. I would highly recommend!
Taylor Strickland
Taylor Strickland
04:07 28 Oct 19
I was so nervous to take this CCW class, I didn’t grow up around guns. They weren’t a big part of my life until my husband and I got married. I’ve always been nervous around them. I was encouraged to take the Ladies Only CCW class. I cannot rant and rave enough about this class!! Ted and his team of amazing instructors did an OUTSTANDING job making me feel comfortable handling a firearm and gave me the confidence boost I needed. Thank you Ted and team for being SO fun and SO patient through this process!! I would HIGHLY recommend taking any class through Northern Firearms Instructions!!
Craig Eden
Craig Eden
17:42 21 Oct 19
The instructors were all very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. I learned so much more then I expected i would in a 2 day class. While on the range every class member received personal attention. If you need a ccw or training this is the place to go. You won’t be disappointed
Laura Smethers
Laura Smethers
14:25 13 Oct 19
Chuck was a very good instructor. He is very knowledgeable. He answered all the questions and was patient and clear. Gave me confidence when shooting and safety was first step.
Pk Dhanuka
Pk Dhanuka
16:57 07 Oct 19
Over last several years, I have trained with NFI for the basic as well as he advanced courses. They train you with very simple yet meticulous instructions. My family also trains with them and we feels very safe in their classes. Ted, ted, Carl, Pete, Mike, Toni are great instructors. Thank you.
Elisea Amaro
Elisea Amaro
16:27 05 Aug 19
I took the Handgun Essentials class with Chuck Fields as my instructor. I’m so happy that I decided to take this class. He answers all of your questions and concerns. His expertise on firearms is unbelievable. I went in with very little knowledge and purchased a firearm for home protection last year. I now feel 100% comfortable with my firearm. He goes above and beyond to teach you not only the basics but so much more. I HIGHLY recommend this class to everyone. I now know how to safely operate a firearm. I will definitely be back for the CCW course!
Nancy Glensor
Nancy Glensor
00:39 02 Oct 17
I really enjoyed this class, I felt at ease and not like I had to prove anything. Mike is very passionate about teaching this class and works well with a large class to help everyone equally. I will definitely refer his class to friends and family.
Javier Marquina
Javier Marquina
23:03 23 Sep 17
Thanks so much Mike for sharing your expertise with us!!! i know now i will feel more confortable to carry a firearm, like you said... you showed us the basic training and is up to us to put it on practice to achieve confidence. For sure i will recommend your services to my friends!!
Glee Wilder
Glee Wilder
02:09 18 Sep 17
What a wonderful experience. The Women's class was just the right thing for me. Mike and Ted put us at our ease with just the right mix of levity, anecdotal experiences, common sense and discussion of the laws relevant to the CCW instruction. They encouraged us to ask questions and made us all feel that our questions were good ones, which prompted really good discussion and reinforced our understanding. On the gun range Mike and Gary were very clear in their instructions for each exercise and always demonstrated for us what we were to do and why. They were observant and diligent in making sure we handled our guns in a safe manner and were so very patient and persistent in correcting our grip, stance, sighting and everything about handling and firing our guns. This was a transformative experience for me. I still have much to learn but I'm no longer afraid of the gun and I know I've found the right Team to guide me in developing my skill and confidence.
Dr Clarence Trausch
Dr Clarence Trausch
02:22 11 Sep 17
I have attend so many renewal courses over the decades. This was the best. In my training for counterintelligence, and as a police weapons trainer through the State of Illinois, I have not received or experienced better adherence to safety and instruction. Thank you Mike and Pete.
Kyle Felt
Kyle Felt
01:10 09 May 17
I believe the course was taught we great expertise and in a timely manner. Jeff showed great knowledge and patience in the class room and the range. He did everything in his power to keep us focused, informed, and safe. He took extra time with another student to ensure she was comfortable with her weapon. It showed to me that he really cares about his students and shooting. My gun had a round stuck in the barrel and Jeff quickly got help to get it taken care and get me back shooting. I would recommend this course to anyone. -Kyle
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NFI is a team of highly experienced NRA Firearms Instructors headquartered in Redding (Shasta County) CA. NFI provides classes in the region focused on the knowledge, skills and attitude of safe firearms use. NFI specializes in California CCW courses for the new as well as experienced shooter. Our students learn to shoot safely in a stress-free learning environment. NFI is committed to programs that promote our local outdoor heritage. NFI supports the NWTF Jakes Program, Northern California Parent-Youth Turkey Hunt, The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, The Mule Deer Foundation, Ducks Unlimited, Pets without Partners, California Deer Association, California 4H, California High School Rodeo Association, and many others.

NFI teaches California CCW, Ladies Only California CCW, Basic Pistol Safety, Basic Rifle Safety, Hunter Marksmanship Clinics, CA Hunter’s Education, and NRA Instructor Courses. Personal accountability and responsibility is the foundation from which we build all of our classes. NFI is authorized to provide CA CCW training to 30 Northern California Counties. We routinely train students from as far south as Tulare County and as far north as Siskiyou County. Welcome!

Headquartered in Redding, California, NFI is proud to partner with corporations, law enforcement agencies, retail outlets and gun clubs. Each one of these organizations host or sponsor our Instructional Team in their areas to ensure a high level of firearms education to students. NFI’s home shooting range is the Redding Gun Club, 21777 Seven Lakes Ln, Redding, CA 96003. NFI is proud to be the featured instruction team at several facilities throughout Northern California.

California CCW Course: Courses are located throughout Northern California.

Ladies Only CCW Course: A 12-hour course focused on the more apprehensive shooter. Sit down with NFI’s Senior Instructor for an exploration of basic pistol training and all of the CCW subject matter needed to safely carry your personal protection firearm.

California Advanced CCW Course: Designed for the NFI Basic CCW Graduate, this class is the next logical step in training. Here NFI introduces advanced holster work, shooting while moving, shotgun familiarization training, and real-life scenario shooting with both friendly and threat targets.

NFI Pistol Fundamentals: Just acquired a pistol and want to learn how to shoot it? Try out this 4 hour course which includes range training*.
*Shooters under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult

NFI Rifle Safety Course: Best training in the region for youth and adult new shooters and hunters. This 4 hour class is classroom as well as range based.
*Shooters under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

CA Hunter’s Education. Get certified for your California Hunting License using two formats: Home Study and Traditional Two Day courses.

NRA Instructor Courses: Learn to teach and earn your credentials in one of several disciplines to become an NRA Instructor. NFI Training Counselors are credentialed to teach NRA Instructors in the following disciplines: NRA Basic Pistol, NRA Basic Rifle, NRA Basic Shotgun, NRA Personal Protection in the Home, NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home, and NRA Chief Range Safety Officer.

NFI Private Instruction. Schedule four hours of NRA certified instruction with an NFI instructor at your location or ours. This is a great opportunity to set up a custom curriculum or a family firearms safety course. Training fees are based on the number of students and type of curriculum requested.

NFI instructors are experienced NRA Certified Trainers. Many NFI instructors are US military veterans or prior law enforcement. Each instructor has met stringent NRA certification standards and must remain active in the classroom and on the range to maintain these credentials. Their experience with new shooters has earned them a reputation as the most effective training team in the region. Register for a course today and begin your journey to becoming a more confident and effective firearms enthusiast.

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