Burney Area CA, 4 Hour CCW Renewal Course. Includes 32 State Non-Resident Training. 1/20/19 9AM-1PM, Hat Creek Gun Club. Covers all local counties.

January 20, 2019 – January 20, 2019

Hat Creek Gun Club

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NFI 4 Hour CCW Renewal Course!  This course also satisfies the requirement for training in AZ, FL, and OR.  Using recognition and reciprocity laws, this will allow our graduates to apply in these states and carry in 32 other states including all California border states!

NEW FOR 2019!

You will need to qualify with all firearm(s) that are on your license!

This class will take place at the Hat Creek Gun Club on Hwy. 299 in Burney, CA.

9:00 AM-1:00 PM

Welcome to the premier firearms training organization in the State!

Thousands of students have enjoyed the NFI professional curriculum and continue to refer family and friends to our NRA certified instructors.

To read a complete list of our reviews click here: NFI Reviews.

NFI CCW Renewal Training always includes FREE 32 State Non Resident CCW training.

This class is a live-fire class designed with a review of basic defensive pistol techniques, safety, and the use of deadly force. This class also satisfies new CA law that require qualifying with the firearms that are on your CCW.

You will need an outside the waistband hip holster for your strong side (right or left depending on which  hand you shoot with) for each gun. If you have a “universal holster” that fits all three of your guns, that will be fine. If you do not have a holster, you can use one of ours to train with. Please google the term “Outside the Waistband Hip Holster” if you need some info on this piece of equipment.

Directions to the range: From Burney, drive approximately 16 miles east on Hwy. 299. Range will be on the left. From Fall River Mills, drive approximately 9 miles west on Hwy. 299. Range will be on the right.

Please bring the following items to the Hat Creek Gun Club on your training date:

Firearm(s) that are on your license.

100 cartridges for primary firearm.

20 cartridges for each additional firearm.

Sturdy shoes

Eye and ear protection

Folding chair

Hand towel

Snacks and drinks  are optional

Please note: Our classes are nearly always completely full. Each NFI instructor is professionally credentialed and scheduled based on a strict student to instructor ratio.  The cancellation policy is designed to protect your reserved seat in our course.  The cancellation policy is detailed at the bottom of this page. Please review our cancellation policy.

 FIREARMS TRAINING CANCELLATION POLICY: Refunds may be requested  up to 14 days  prior to the date of class. (Student is responsible for contacting NFI via the contact app on this web site to obtain a date/time stamp on the request).  If the request is within 14 calendar days of the date of class, a credit will be given to be used within one year of date of issue. Students who fail to show up for a  date of training without notice will forfeit training fees.

Contact Information:

Mike Moffat

Director of Training

Chief Range Safety Officer





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