Trinity County CA 8 Hour CCW Course. 10/10/20 9AM-5PM Weaverville Rod & Gun Club.



One price does it all!  No hidden costs!

There is no need for ANY shooting experience to attend our Basic CCW Course.  We teach you everything you need to apply for your California CCW!

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Join the NFI 100% Nationally Certified Professional Training Team for this authorized CCW course which is sure to challenge and empower you on your way to your CCW Permit! NFI has long been recognized as the leader in civilian personal protection training and our Trinity Area CCW Course is sure to empower the shooter as well as build skills for a lifetime of confident personal protection. This course is taught in one session at the Weaverville Rod and Gun Club.  ALL NFI COURSES INCLUDE LIVE FIRE WITH NATIONALLY CREDENTIALED INSTRUCTORS.

Weaverville Rod and Gun Club, 9AM-5PM, approx. 5 miles west of Weaverville on HWY 299W near Junction City. Initial CCW students will be taught the basics of firearm safety and marksmanship as well as CCW laws in the state of California.

This class satisfies AB 2103 requirements for firearm(s) qualifications.

Please bring the following items to the Weaverville Gun Club for your range training and qualification

You will need an outside the waistband hip holster for your strong side (right or left depending on which  hand you shoot with) for each gun. If you have a "universal holster" that fits all of your guns, that will be fine. If you do not have a holster, you can use one of ours to train with. Please google the term "Outside the Waistband Hip Holster" if you need some info on this piece of equipment.


100 cartridges for primary firearm.

50 cartridges for additional firearms.

Sturdy shoes

Eye and ear protection

Folding chair

Hand towel



For more information contact:

Mike Moffat

Training Director 67217885


Cost $150

Please note: Our classes are nearly always completely full.  The cancellation policy is designed to protect your reserved seat in our course.  The cancellation policy is detailed at the bottom of this page. Please review our cancellation policy.

 FIREARMS TRAINING CANCELLATION POLICY: All classes incur a 50% non-refundable deposit. Students who cancel before the beginning of the class will receive a 50% refund. Students who do not attend class without contacting NFI will forfeit training fees. Contact is the responsibility of the student. Contact validation is normally done with a phone call, sent email, web contact app, or text to NFI. Please do not leave a message of cancellation on an answering machine.  

Price: $150.00

Start Time: 9:00 am
End Time: 5:00 pm

Date: October 10, 2020

Northern Firearms Instruction
Weaverville Gun Club
HWY 299W
Junction City, CA
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