Shasta Area-Small Group with Ted Lidie-Handgun Practice, and CA CCW Range Practice, Redding Gun Club 10/24/19 8:30-10:30 AM. $30+$10 Range Fees.

October 24, 2019 – October 24, 2019

Redding Gun Club

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NOTE: This class is a handgun training session for a small group. Although it DOES include the shooting qualification for a CA CCW renewal, it DOES NOT include the classroom session, this course is only two hours long. It WILL NOT qualify for the FOUR HOUR CA CCW renewal course on it’s own, although it MAY qualify for TWO HOURS of your course if your instructor agrees.  NFI will always recognize this course as two hours towards your CW CCW Renewal.

This course is limited to eight students using four firing points. That is an extremely small group for Ted Lidie and NFI. The cost of the course is $30 with an additional $10 added for the range fees at the Redding Gun Club. Total $40.

NOTE: This course is a “pistol tune-up” and CCW renewal practice for anybody who needs a little more instructor time and practice at the range before their CCW renewal course, or for somebody who just wants a two hour range session with a professional instructor to sharpen their pistol skills. As the class is only two hours long, it does not cover all aspects of the CCW renewal course, although we will be doing your CA CCW Renewal qualification in class. This means you will have the option of skipping the range portion of your CCW renewal class, when you attend it or using the extra range time to sharpen your pistol skills–which is what we recommend!

You do not have to be registered for a class with NFI to attend the CCW Renewal Qualification. Our qualification is good throughout the region so you can easily take a class with your current CCW instructor and use our qualification to renew your CCW if they agree to let you skip their range session.  If not, that’s OK, you will be ready to pass their range qualification anyway!

Join Ted Lidie for this extremely popular CCW renewal practice and qualification session. Class begins at 8:30 AM, Redding Gun Club Rifle and Pistol Range, 21777 Seven Lakes Lane, Redding, Ca 96003. The gate to the Rifle and Pistol Range may be closed, do not worry, it will be opened at 8:30 by an NFI instructor.

Select this link for written directions to the Redding Gun Club: 190124 Redding Gun Club Directions

If you will be renewing your CCW and want to use this training for your CCW renewal, please download and fill out the Shasta County Range Qualification Form, and bring it to your class: 2019 Shasta CCW Range Certificate.

Bring the following to your class:

All firearms on your CCW if you plan on qualifying with them during our course (otherwise just one handgun is fine if you are just their to train)

Completed Shasta County Range Qualification Form: 2019 Shasta CCW Range Certificate

Minimum 100 total cartridges for the course, no less than 50 cartridges per caliber that you will be shooting.

Eye and ear protection

Baseball or other brimmed hat

Closed Toed Shoes


Outside the waistband hip holster if you have one, if not you can use ours.

Snacks and Drinks, Sunscreen etc (optional)

For more details contact

Your Instructor:

Ted Lidie-NRA # 571172395


Cancelation Policy: All classes incur a 50% non-refundable deposit. Students who cancel before the beginning of the class will receive a 50% refund. Students who do not attend class without contacting NFI will forfeit training fees. Contact is the responsibility of the student.  Contact validation is normally done with a phone call, sent email, web contact app, or text to NFI. Please do not leave a message of cancelation on an answering machine.


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