Solano and Surrounding County CA +32 State CCW Renewal Course, 8/18/19, 10am-2pm, Sportsman’s Warehouse, Fairfield CA ***SOLD OUT*** Next Class 9/29/19

August 18, 2019 – August 18, 2019

1590 Gateway Blvd

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SOLANO AND All  SURROUNDING COUNTIES 4 HOUR CALIFORNIA CCW COURSE.  This class meets the mandated training requirement for the counties of Solano, Sacramento, Yolo, Napa, San Joaquin and Placer Counties. As NFI is authorized to train in 28 jurisdictions, it is probable that this class is authorized in your county also. Please contact us for details.

One price does it all! No “per-gun” qualification fees, range fees, target fees, or any other added fees!

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Join the NFI 100% NRA Certified Professional Training Team for this authorized CCW renewal course which is sure to challenge and empower you on your way to your CCW renewal! NFI has long been recognized as the leader in civilian personal protection training and our Solano Area CCW Course is sure to empower the shooter as well as build skills for a lifetime of confident personal protection.
This one-day (4 hour) course will be taught at both Sportsman’s Warehouse and  Guns Fishing and Other Stuff, 197 Butcher Rd, Vacaville, CA 95687. 707-451-1199.
Class hours are: 10 AM-2 PM. Class will begin at Sportsman’s Warehouse, 1590 Gateway Blvd, Fairfield, Ca 94533. (707-389-7400). The class will break at 1:00 PM to travel to Guns Fishing and Other Stuff, 197 Butcher Rd, Vacaville, CA 95687 for CCW renewal qualification. Students will be released from Guns Fishing and Other Stuff with the mandated certificate to renew their California CCW.

Students will live fire at targets designed to enhance understanding of personal protection shooting as well as the marksmanship fundamentals taught by the NRA. Students will be taught the fundamentals of use of force laws in the State of California as well as transportation and storage laws.

Please bring the following items to your California CCW qualification at Guns Fishing and Other Stuff:
Each handgun you want to include on your CA CCW renewal. (up to three)
100 cartridges for each handgun.
Eye and ear protection

For more information contact:
Kevin Pool

Senior Instructor


FIREARMS TRAINING CANCELLATION POLICY: As supporters of the 2nd Amendment and COMMITTED firearms instructors, we do not want to keep your money if you cannot attend a course.  We understand life happens!  Northern Firearms Instruction has become the most trusted firearms instruction company in California by ensuring valuable training through a strict student to instructor ratio.  This means when you register, somebody is scheduled to teach you individually!  Refunds may be requested  up to 14 days  prior to the date of class. (Student is responsible for contacting NFI via the contact app on this web site to obtain a date/time stamp on the request).  If the request IS within 14 calendar days of the date of class, a credit will be given to be used within one year of date of issue, or the student may receive a 50% refund of training fees. . Students who fail to show up for ANY date of training without notice will forfeit training fees for that date. The key is communication! PLEASE CONTACT US SO WE CAN SCHEDULE THE APPROPRIATE INSTRUCTORS FOR YOUR TRAINING!


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